Current Stage: ALPHA

The ALPHA stage involves the creation of numerous informational pages, either in regards to role-play-related guidelines or universe concepts, as well as the uploading of images essential for role-play to fluidly regulate. it is considered the longest stage, in spite of being the initial one.

ALPHA Progression Status

0% completed (estimate)


Tick green Import framework templates.

Tick green Character
Tick green Types

Cross white Import images.

Cross red Artworks (Characters)
Cross white Artworks (Pokémon)
Tick green Sprites (Pokémon)
Cross red Moves
Cross red Maps

Cross red Information pages.

Cross red Essentially all concepts (i.e Pokéballs, types)
Cross red Locations (i.e Towns, Routes, Dungeons)
Cross red Role-play guidelines
Cross red Wikia-usability guides
Cross red Random number/rate generator

This list is prone to occasional expansion.


This wiki operates as a destination for role-players who've taken an interest in the Pokémon universe.

For now, emphasis will be placed solely on the Kanto and Johto regions. Future expansions (of the other regions) may be possible, depending on site popularity and resources available. This being said, no sprites or artworks of Pokémon not exclusive to, or the evolutionary forms of those originating from Generations I and II will be added until a respective expansion is implemented (the possibility of this, if recurring of occurring reliant on activity, user population etc).

Note: Numerous templates, articles and images originate from Bulbapedia and the Pokemon wiki, and have been copied over under the conditions of U.S fair use. As a result, the initial authors and contributors of those items maintain copyright over them. An effort is being made to modify articles and templates to better differentiate them from their sources.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.