The bag (Japanese: バッグ bag) is a vital tool; it holds all of the player's items, storing them for later use. By opening the bag, players can use, arrange, and toss most items.

DP Items pocket M.png
DP Items pocket F.png
DP Medicine pocket M.png
DP Medicine pocket F.png
DP Poké Balls pocket M.png
DP Poké Balls pocket F.png
Poké Balls
DP TMs and HMs pocket M.png
DP TMs and HMs pocket F.png
TMs and HMs
DP Berries pocket M.png
DP Berries pocket F.png
DP Mail pocket M.png
DP Mail pocket F.png
DP Battle items pocket M.png
DP Battle items pocket F.png
Battle items
DP Key items pocket M.png
DP Key items pocket F.png
Key items
Contains all items not in other pockets. Contains all healing and permanent stat-enhancing medicines. Contains all available varieties of Poké Ball. Contains all TMs and HMs. Contains all Berries. Contains all Mail. Contains all items which only have effect in battle. Contains all key items.
Bag Items pocket icon.png Bag Medicine pocket icon.png Bag Poké Balls pocket icon.png Bag TMs and HMs pocket icon.png Bag Berries pocket icon.png Bag Mail pocket icon.png Bag Battle items pocket icon.png Bag Key items pocket icon.png
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